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Most CEOs have an inner circle of trusted confidants that they turn to when addressing corporate challenges.

Join a Circal today and enjoy the benefits of having an inner circle and being part of an inner circle.

Monthly Virtual Meetings with a coach to develop breakthrough solutions to your most challenging problems supported by a

Certified Action learning Coach


Accountability Partner

It’s much easier to change habits with an accountability partner. Someone who will check up on you on a regular basis to make sure you are moving towards your goals.

Accountability means answering or accounting for your actions and results.




  • Accountability: The regularity of the group meetings, sharing commitments, and reporting progress monthly
  • Coaching:¬†Coach will insure goals of the meeting are met.
  • Collaboration: Wisdom of the crowd
  • Feedback: Give & receive from other entrepreneurs.
  • Resources: Share tools that work today!
  • Support: Inner Circal is your inner circle of trusted advisers
  • Structure: Simple structure insures every session finishes with Action and Learning

Chances of Success

10% Thinking about doing something 25% Consciously deciding to achieve something 50% Decide when and explicitly how 65% Commit to someone else 95% Have an accountability partner with specific meetings success-933215_1920

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